Friend: What are you reading?
Me: Kickthestickz
Friend: ?
Me: Ok basically it's when people ship youtubers kickthepj and and crabstickz together and they write stories about them called fanfics and some are fluffy and cute and give you feels and other get down to the nasty and its usually pretty damn detailed which is what I'm reading now and I don't even care if I'm in school I like kickthestickz.
Friend: *slowly shuffles away

@Chris_Kendall_: I hate that if I fancy someone and the shipping name isn’t good I can’t imagine myself with them. KickTheStickz just has a ring to it unno.”

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omg, i love them


omg, i love them

TMI {x}

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carrie + kickthestickz

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on a scale of


how openly do you ship yourself with your best friend